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With Doctor++, experience the future of geriatric care – where AI meets empathy, ensuring your loved ones are in safe, knowledgeable hands, no matter the distance.

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We address the urgent need for reliable geriatric care for your elderly parents, offering a unique health management through AI-enhanced, personalized healthcare services, ensuring peace of mind for families separated by distance.

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Book a virtual consultation with our senior doctor today to ensure your elderly parents in India receive the best in proactive geriatric care. With our advanced AI-driven health monitoring and personalized care plans, we provide top-quality healthcare tailored to their unique needs.

Longitudinal Health Records

We’ve built advanced AI under the guidance of senior doctors, to meticulously compile longitudinal health records, integrating previous medical history and lab reports for a comprehensive health timeline.

Tailored Health Interventions

We craft personalized health interventions by analyzing longitudinal medical records, ensuring each elderly patient receives customized care plans responsive to their evolving health journey.

Regular Health Assessments

We conduct regular health assessments and medical tests informed by tailored health interventions and longitudinal health records, ensuring ongoing, personalized monitoring and care for each patient.

Medication Management

We manage prescriptions holistically, provide home delivery, and offer automated reminders to ensure patients never miss a dose, maintaining easy access to essential medications.

Holistic Wellness

Our holistic wellness programs include personalized daily yoga sessions and bespoke nutritional guidance, all tailored to align with each individual’s specific health needs and goals.

Monthly Review

Our services enhance doctor-patient engagement through monthly health review calls with clear, simplified discussions, ensuring families are fully informed and actively involved in the care process.

Your Trusted Partner in Caring for Aging Parents in India

Doctor++ offers NRIs a reliable way to care for their aging parents in India. Combining AI-driven health monitoring with tailored, holistic care, we bridge the distance gap, ensuring your parents’ health and well-being are attentively managed with a personal touch.

Designed to bridge the gap caused by geographical distance and evolving family structures, Doctor++ ensures that your parents receive the best possible care, all managed remotely with a personal touch. Choose Doctor++ for a seamless, worry-free approach to supporting your loved ones’ health and happiness.

Protect Your Elders This Winter with Doctor++

Winter can be challenging for your aging parents, especially with risks like arthritis flare-ups, respiratory issues, and flu. Schedule a call with Doctor++ today to ensure they get the best care for these seasonal ailments. Let’s safeguard their health with personalized attention and expert medical support.

Begin Your Parent’s Health Transformation in 3 Easy Steps


Initial Consultation

Schedule a call with our team to discuss your parents’ medical history and specific health needs. This initial conversation helps us understand how we can best cater to their care.


Medical Record Submission

Submit your parents’ existing medical records. We’ll use these documents to meticulously prepare Longitudinal Health Records, offering a comprehensive view of their health journey.

Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment

Your parents will receive a Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment (CGA) by one of our experienced senior doctors. This thorough evaluation is crucial in developing a personalized and effective care plan.

With Doctor++, every health need is attentively addressed; it’s like having a personal health guardian, giving both us and our son in the USA immense peace of mind.

Ramesh and Sunitha Mehta, Age 70, Bangalore

The dedication and detailed attention from Doctor++’s medical team have brought a sense of security to our family, despite the distance.

Prakash Singh, Age 72, Mumbai

Thanks to Doctor++, I’m living my 70s with newfound confidence and care, feeling more connected and secure despite my son living overseas

Geetha Sriram, Age 71, Chennai

Questions? We have answers.

What kind of health assessments are conducted by Doctor++?
We conduct a Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment (CGA) initially, followed by regular health assessments and medical tests. These are tailored based on your parents’ individual health records and needs, ensuring a personalized approach to their healthcare.
How does Doctor++ use my parents' medical history in their care?

Our advanced AI, supervised by senior doctors, compiles longitudinal health records from your parents’ medical history and lab reports. This comprehensive health timeline helps us craft personalized treatment plans and proactive health interventions.

What kind of personalized care can my parents expect from Doctor++?

Your parents will receive holistic care tailored to their specific health needs. This includes personalized treatment plans, regular health assessments, daily yoga sessions, nutritional advice from dietitians, and continuous monitoring of their health status for any necessary adjustments in their care.

Can Doctor++ manage medications, including refills and delivery?

Absolutely. Doctor++ offers a comprehensive medication management service. We handle prescription refills, provide home delivery of medicines, and even send automated medication reminders to ensure your parents never miss a dose.

How does Doctor++ handle medical emergencies for my parents in India?

Doctor++ provides 24/7 support for emergencies. In case of an urgent health concern, an at-home nurse can be dispatched to your parents’ location. We also coordinate with local healthcare services to ensure prompt and efficient medical attention.

Secure Your Parents’ Health with Doctor++

Prioritize Your Parents’ Health

Take the essential step in prioritizing your parents’ health. Join Doctor++ for immediate, comprehensive care tailored to their needs.

Innovating Geriatric Care

Experience the innovation of geriatric care with Doctor++. From thorough health assessments to ongoing wellness support, we redefine eldercare for your loved ones.

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